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The Arbor School

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Dear Children’s Fund Members (past and present) – 
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I know many of you personally helped us reach our Fun Walk goals – thank you! But this is just a special follow-up to note of sorts to offer our thanks for all that your entire group has made possible over the last two years for The Arbor. I just recently got a preview of photos back from our photographer from our Fun Walk and there was one shot that really hit home for me and I thought you all needed to see it too and celebrate along with us! I think most of you know Kylie’s story by now, but wait till you hear what happened – She WALKED the entire Fun Walk loop! Now, granted the loop is a small one, but it might as well have been a marathon for our Kylie!  As her mom said, while Kylie may have finished last, she DID it! This sweet girl of ours worked for every single step and with her physical therapist and Arbor teacher, she made it. When I saw the picture (attached), it overwhelmed me because it just so perfectly illustrates how very powerful it is to have a positive community of support around you. That’s exactly the role I think The Children’s Fund has played for us and we are so blessed by each and every one of you. You are just as much a part of Kylie’s success as we are. We may hold her hand, but you give us the ability to do so and know that we’re going to be here for her and the other children like her for the long-term. Thanks for giving us that ability.

Please do feel free to pass on this note to other Children’s Funds members, I only have emails for so many!

Thanks again, 


JuliAnna Jelinek
Executive Director
The Arbor School