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Agape Development Ministries

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Agape Development Ministries is a neighborhood organization bringing hope and transformation to Houston's Third Ward.  In 2005, Kirk & Amanda Craig bought a house in 77021 and began hosting 18-to-25-year-old inner-city young adults for meals, family games, movies, and Bible study several nights each week.  The ministry has grown and now includes after-school programming for K-5th, a weekly youth discipleship night, sports teams for girls and boys, a residential, discipleship-life skills program for 18-25 year olds, a community garden, and neighborhood safety initiatives.  Everything Agape program or project works toward the long term health of 1 neighborhood.  Many of the staff live and raise their families in the community.  It’s more than a job for us, it’s a way of life.  Our vision is to build a community in which every family can thrive, and all parents can be excited about their children’s future.
We have 2 areas of strategic focus.  Agape is completing a sequence of discipleship and life-skills programming from age 5 to 25 in our target neighborhood.  Every child should have a path toward healthy adulthood with the resources and opportunity to succeed, and low-income neighborhoods need this help most.  Second, Agape is eliminating dangerous obstacles on this path to successful adulthood.  Third Ward children walk a “path” littered with crack houses, stray dogs, drug dealers, and other criminal elements decreasing their odds of success.  Agape works together with neighbors to eliminate these systemic problems. 

To Learn more about Agape, please contact:
Kirk Craig
Agape Development Ministries
PO BOX 460061
F: 832-209-8122