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Grant Request Application

Grant Request

The Children’s Fund, Inc. is a group of approximately 60 couples that raises money each year for charitable purposes directed at assisting children in the Houston area. In each of the past two years alone, we have raised and given away more than $600,000. We are an all-volunteer organization and have no paid staff.

This past year, we awarded grants to 15 organizations after reviewing over 100 proposals. Because we look for proposals that identify a specific need that will be addressed either by the purchase of equipment, facilities, or through the hiring or training of individuals to provide services, we are reluctant to provide funding for general operating expenses or budget support. Our grants are typically in the $10,000 to $50,000 range.

The organization is very careful about maintaining our focus. We look to support charities that will thrive in part because of our support. Therefore, we typically look for the following criteria:

  1. Small budgets
  2. Minimal internal or external fundraising capabilities
  3. Lack of significant exposure to the business community in Houston
  4. Nominal (or no) support from government or other large charitable organizations (i.e. United Way)
  5. Small administrative departments

If you have a program or a need that you believe fits the criteria, we encourage you to apply for a grant on our website ( by the July 29, 2019 deadline. On the website, you will be asked for basic information about your charity and the proposed project to be funded, including the specific intended uses, requested amount(s) and financial details about your organization. Please provide as much additional information as you deem necessary, including additional funding arrangements as well as the anticipated impact of the program (number of children served, selection process, performance metrics, etc). All of the documents can be uploaded as an attachment once you have completed your online application.  While we ask that all pertinent information be submitted online by the July 29, 2019 deadline, please feel free to send materials that are unable to be uploaded to our address at: 

The Children’s Fund, Inc.
Attn: Mr. and Mrs. William Peeples
5773 Woodway Drive #189
Houston, TX 77057

Due to our tight schedule, no proposals will be accepted past the July 29, 2019 deadline and only those charities selected will be notified of their funding.

All new applicants, returning applicants and previous grant awardees must submit a new application each year to be considered for a grant.

Your organization may make up to 3 proposals, but please submit them together as alternatives or multiple options within a single request. Please indicate which proposal is your primary request. Finally, please submit your most recent financial statement, proof of charitable status (i.e. 501(c)(3) certification) and any pertinent brochures or other printed material.  Two important notes:  
1)  All uploaded documents must be in PDF format.  
2)  Please name all attachments with your charity name and the name of the document (ex: Charity XYZ - 2017 Budget). 

Remember that funds for the proposal you make in July 2019 will not be available until June 2020.

Finally, if you know of a charity serving Houston-area children that may not have heard of us, please spread the word. Our fundraising success is based on our ability to show our contributors that their generosity supports some of the most interesting, innovative and dedicated charitable individuals and organizations in Houston. The wider the circle of those we help becomes, the more money we can raise and distribute.

If you have any further questions concerning this process, Ellen and William Peeples can be reached via email at You may also visit The Children’s Fund website at

Criteria for Charity Selection

The Board of Directors has adopted the following criteria for use by the Charity Selection Committee. Charities submitting proposals for consideration should be prepared to demonstrate how they meet the following criteria:

(a)   Nature of Charity – The charity should be directly or indirectly involved with the physical or mental health of children.

(b)   Number – Consideration shall be given to the number of children benefiting from the funds requested by such charity as well as the manner and extent to which such children will benefit.

(c)   Location of the Charity – The principal location of the charity and its activities should be in the Greater Houston Area.

(d)   Financial Capacity of the Charity – The principal location of the charity should demonstrate a current need for funds and that prior funds and programs have been prudently managed. The charity should demonstrate that its general and administrative expenses are comparable to those of similar charities. It is not a criterion that the charity be currently under-financed.

(e)   Grant Requests

  • Must have a 501(c)(3) certificate
  • Absent extraordinary circumstances, a charity that has received money from The Children’s Fund, Inc. for the past three consecutive years is ineligible to receive funds for the current year.
  • Request should be for a specific need that will be addressed either by the purchase of equipment of facilities or through the hiring of training of individuals to provide services, not for normal operating expenses.

(f)   Focus – The Children’s Fund will typically focus on charities with the following characteristics:

  • Small budget
  • Minimal internal or external fund-raising capabilities
  • Lack of significant exposure to the Houston business community and lack of support from government or other charitable organizations (i.e. United Way)
  • Small administrative departments

(g)   Follow-up – Each selected charity will be required to report on the results of the underwritten program and to document how money donated by The Children’s Fund, Inc. was spent.

NOTE: The Children’s Fund, Inc. has a policy against accepting gift-in-kind from any charities (including receptions or parties in its honor). In addition, The Children’s Fund, Inc. does not allow its members to represent The Children’s Fund, Inc. as a member of the Board of Directors or Advisory Committee of any charity. The policy does not extend to members who may wish to serve in such positions as an individual or on their own behalf.


Ellen and William Peeples
Charity Selection Committee Co-Chairmen
The Children’s Fund, Inc.

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