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2020 Children's Fund Gala

The health and safety of our membership, gala guests and vendors is paramount and as the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve we’ve made the tough decision to cancel the gala.  
In lieu of an auction, we will hold a virtual marketplace starting June 1st.  The marketplace can be found HERE.

Now is a crucial time for our supported charities.  These charities need our support now more than ever and your donation in the form of a ticket or table purchase will go directly to our charities.  The Children's Fund's membership - and the 17 charities we are supporting this year - thank you for your continued and unwavering support during this difficult time.

Click HERE to make a donation to support our worthy charities!  
The Children’s Fund gives wings to non-profit organizations, often in their early stage, that support Houston’s most disadvantaged children. Our annual gala and auction are how we raise funds, awareness, and hope for these amazing charities. With your help, The Children’s Fund creates an opportunity for families, their children, and our community.

Often, the grant from The Children’s Fund is the only chance of success for some of these visionary charities that need someone to believe in them and their role to improve the lives of children in need. Our organization gives 100% of what is raised to the charities we support—there is no overhead, no staff just committed volunteers.

The gala is an excellent opportunity to showcase your community footprint not only through brand visibility but a partnership with an organization committed to making Houston’s community better. For sponsorship or donation information, please click here. If you would like to make a contribution to our live or silent auction, please click here