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Charity Selection

The Children's Fund, Inc. focuses on charities with small budgets, minimal fund-raising ability, small administrative departments, lack of government or other charity support, and lack of exposure to the business community. The charity selection process begins each year with an informal invitation to local charities to make specific requests, in writing. The deadline for charities to submit requests is in late July of each year and the exact date is on the Charity Application form linked to below. Each year, the board of directors sets a fund-raising goal for members. In year's past, we have exceeded our initial fund-raising goals and have been able to provide contingency funding to the awarded charities.

 The Charity Selection Committee begins meeting in the summer and screens all funding requests (approximately 100+) to determine which agencies qualify for further consideration based on The Children's Fund's selection criteria. The Charity Selection Committee uses this criteria to produce a short list of funding requests. Committee members will visit certain organizations to learn more about them and their funding requests.

 After the site visits are completed, the committee invites each charity to make an oral presentation to the committee. Following these presentations, the committee finalizes its evaluations and selects the charities that The Children's Fund will support, and determines the amount of money each will receive.

 In recent years, The Children's Fund, Inc. has typically supported 12 -17 charities each year. There is no hard rule to support this. It is the result of the proposals received, the dollar amounts requested, and the realization that some diversity is helpful in our own fund-raising efforts. The Children's Fund is proud of the many charities it has supported over the years. Equally important is the fact that the Children's Fund has, more than once, been the first group to "discover" a deserving charity and, subsequent to our support, that charity has gone on to become a successful organization with broad-based support from the general Houston community.

To apply for a Grant please complete the Charity Application form by clicking the button below.  The 2019 deadline is July 29, 2019.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Ellen and William Peeples by clicking HERE