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Meet Our Board Members

Helping Houston Children from the Heart

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Logan Boatman
Katy Boatman

Charity Follow Up

Matthew Born
Margaret Born

Treasurer & Communications Co-Chair

John Hays Compton
Carrie Compton


Jack Doherty
Jennifer Doherty

Auction Co-Chairs

Jack Foster
Blair Foster

Auction Co-Chairs

Kevin Goodman

Web Development

Jason Johnson

Alumni Relations Co-Chairs

Claire Kruse


Chad Meacham
Mimi Meacham

Gala Co-Chair

David Murphy
Kathryn Murphy

Invitations and Reservations Co-Chairs

Chris Wallace
Allison Wallace

Gala Co-Chair

Nicholas Wiedemann
Karla Wiedemann

Charity Selection & Presidents Elect

Paul Williams
Michelle Williams

Corporate Development Co-Chairs