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Children's Fund Gala

Children's Fund Gala

April 13, 2024

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Our Charities

Our Charities

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Helping Houston Children from the heart

The Children’s Fund, Inc.

Since 1972, The Children's Fund has given wings to charities that support Houston's most needy children.

We are a volunteer organization with no overhead and no paid staff. When you donate, 100% of each dollar is converted into a saved life, a cured body, a full tummy, a brighter future and a healed heart.

The Children’s Fund builds on Houston’s rich tradition of philanthropy by educating and encouraging its members and supporters to give in a way that significantly improves the quality of life for disadvantaged children.

The Children’s Fund charities are selected through a rigorous review process from over 120 annual requests.

They’ve committed their lives to helping Houston children.

Our job is to ensure they have the means to accomplish their goals.


The Children’s Fund is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping early stage charities fulfill their mission to provide critical services to disadvantaged children across the greater Houston area. 

Our Charities

Please learn more about our wonderful charities by visiting their websites.

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Apply for a Grant

The Children's Fund, Inc. focuses on charities with small budgets, minimal fund-raising ability, small administrative departments, lack of government or other charity support, and lack of exposure to the business community.

To apply for a Grant please complete the Charity Application form by clicking the button below.

Our Partners

Please learn more about our wonderful partners by visiting their websites.


If you have any questions about The Children's Fund you can contact us by email.